Small things for eternity

August 17, 2011

I was walking home thinking about how I got into Tufts. To be honest, I was questioning how I ever got into Tufts. After all, I know what I did in high school, and more importantly, I know what I didn’t do. But I realized in the end that it was God who brought me. He wanted me here…so He made it happen. And now it’s three years later, and I’m starting to look forward to my last year at Tufts (hopefully or hopefully not, depending on your point of view). I’ve realized that what we do on this campus is not insignificant, because in the end, everyone ends up leaving this campus, and each person that leaves this campus has the potential to leave his or her mark on the world.

And I guess as I look forward to Jesus and Java, I can still remember the small things that really made a difference during those first few critical weeks at Tufts. For example, I remember being greeted by a senior named Elton Sykes. When I came back the next week, he still remembered my name. I also remember asking Kat some weird questions about Filipinos, and I still remember how Alex Nesbeda actually drove to Bush Hall to bring me to church the day after Jesus and Java. I write about this, because the reason why I can go up to a person and talk to them at TCF is because I know how it feels to enter into a place, and be awkward, and alone in a room full of people. And it meant a lot to me those days when people actually cared about who I was. Maybe other people don’t feel that way, but I felt like that for the longest time. And even before, I just had this idea in my head that if people got to know me, the real me, then they wouldn’t like me at all (luckily, God likes me). So I guess what I mean to say from all this is that it just comes down to obedience with love.

I think lots of people know who D.L Moody is. But not a lot of people hear about Edward Kimball, the guy who led Moody to Christ. Kimball was freaked out on the day he led Moody to Christ. Moody apparently was not a nice guy, but because Kimball overcame his fears, or rather, because Kimball didn’t let his fears dictate whether or not he obeyed God, God was able to touch the life of D.L Moody, and use him powerfully in the lives of many others. Likewise, everyone knows about the Apostle Paul, but few people remember Ananias, who God assigned to pray for Paul after Paul became blind. In my Bible, you can actually flip to the same passage and read my comment on Acts 9: LOL OH CRAP HE’S BACK. I think it was Tyler who had that insight into the passage. For the longest time, Paul had been terrorizing the Christians, and all of a sudden, God wanted Ananias to pray for this guy’s eyes. I think Ananias must have been freaked out, and maybe even unsure of himself. After all, if God blinded Osama Bin Laden and then told you to go to him and pray for his healing, what would you think? Maybe not a perfect parallel, but eventually, Ananias said yes to God. You know, the world has largely forgotten about these men, but I can tell you that God hasn’t. And one thing I know about God is that if you give him the loaves and the fishes, He multiplies them for you. And you know, because of the love that a few people showed me in the beginning of my freshmen year, my life has not been the same. And I pray that as I enter my senior year at Tufts that I would be able to do the same things for others.

2 Responses to “Small things for eternity”

  1. Alex said

    As usual, an amazing post wai.

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